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A new approach to wellbeing

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At the Wave Project, we help young people to reduce anxiety and improve confidence through surfing! Our award winning surf courses are proven to help clients feel calmer, more motivated and better about their future.



My client loved the Wave Project. When she spoke about it she became more animated and couldn’t help laughing at herself. From a professional’s point of view the project and staff did everything they said they would. Really great to have this to offer to young people.
Debbie Ashton, Child Development Centre, Dorset HealthCare NHS Trust.


Inspiration on and off the screen!!

This Saturday the Wave Project in Scotland teamed up with the Scottish branch of Christian Surfers for only the second Scottish screening of ‘Beyond Sight; The Derek Rabelo Story.’ This movie tells the incredible story of Derek Rabelo who was born blind in Brazil to a... read more


I feel a sense of achievement because now I can do something no one else in my school can do!
C.B, aged 10, South Wales



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