Artist Kindly Donates Commission to Charity

South Devon based artist Rishi Ludgate is kindly donating 10% off her sales to The Wave Project. Rishi currently has 7 painting on show in Cantina, Goodrington. The one above is aptly named  ‘Surfs Up’.

“I cant take credit for the donating idea though. It was Kate at the Cantina café, she didn’t want to take commission for any sales but suggested a donation was given to the wave project and I was happy to go with that idea.” Rishi

Cantina is a fantastic café at Goodrington, with the yummiest of food. They have let us host volunteer information evenings and we have even taken a group across for Hot Chocolates to celebrate the end of a surf course. With the paintings on display you now have another excuse to pop in!

Rishi’s work can also be purchased directly  through her Etsy site