Delilah 200 lap Swim

I am Delilah and I took part in Exmouth Beach Rescue Club and The Wave Project in 2021. I really enjoyed doing both of them and they made me feel much better after COVID. I really wanted other people to be able to experience The Wave Project and Exmouth Beach Rescue too, so I decided to swim 200 ( 5 km) laps to raise minimum of £100 for each charity, if I get more both charities will get 50% of the money.

Thank you for supporting me.

🙂 Delilah

Deli Surf Lifesaving

The Wave Project Devon. Charity Number 1163421

Exmouth Beach Rescue Club. Charity No – 1025654

BLURB  from mum

Please support my sensationally brave daughter who is so awesome she wants to give back to the two charities that were an amazing part of helping her get some normal back after the isolation and challenges of her Covid experience.

She really wants other young people to benefit from the same experiences.

She will continue on with both charities in 2022 so for now she will take to the heated pool to complete this challenge!

We are so totally proud of her for putting herself out there to raise awareness and help others!