Elsy’s Wave Project Blog

My name is Elsy I am 10 years old I have been surfing with the Wave project since March 2017.  I travel to Cornwall with my parents every 6 weeks and enjoy both 1:1 and group sessions.

At home, my life is very restricted because I have severe allergies which means I can’t do everything my friends do, which really gets me down.  When I am on the beach surfing I feel brilliant as I am not allergic to the sand and the sea, and everything is so much easier and I don’t feel different.

I have really got the surfing bug and wish I could surf every day, the instructors and volunteers are great fun and have shown me so many cool things.

I think my surfing has really improved and last summer I bought my own board which is just amazing.

Over the winter I am planning to organise a fundraiser for The Wave Project, so watch this space for further details….