Exciting new partnership with Saltrock


We are stoked to announce our partnership with Salrock!

Our relationship with Saltrock formed among two friends in the sea, taking a breather between sets, united in a passion for the ocean and belief of how it can help people. Surfing can be the best moment in your day, be a confidence boost, and be a chance for you to feel free from the moment you step into the water. It’s with this shared love and waves of determination to help others that drew Saltrock to support us and our vision: To make surf therapy available to any child who needs it.

“To be involved with The Wave Project is an exciting opportunity for our Business. We’re passionate about giving back to our local communities and this partnership will allow our teams across the country to get involved, which will be challenging and rewarding. Many of our team members love the water and some are keen surfers and swimmers; this is a wonderful opportunity to get hands on experience with their programmes and choose how they want to support them, in the water or out. They get a great buzz from volunteering and being trained to help others with different needs”, says Head of HR Lisa Knowles-Thomson, emphasising the wider benefits of volunteering as a business. “We are thrilled to be able to support them in a way like this.”

Susie Croft, our Head of Fundraising, cites, “We are thrilled to be working with the team at Saltrock on so many different levels and see this as a great partnership. The staff team are already committed to helping us achieve our vision of expanding our surf therapy to ensure that it is available to even more children across the UK. The cost of living crisis is going to have devastating effect on children’s mental health and thanks to our partnership with Saltrock we can help those who need us most – be that through staff fundraising, volunteering or raising our profile so that more families know about the support we can give their children.”

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