Finding Balance: Fin’s Journey Through Surf Therapy

For nearly 3 years, Fin had been suffering from severe anxiety and depression. His once happy, energetic, and witty demeanour was replaced by misery, insomnia and an inability to attend school or see friends. It was truly heartbreaking for his family to witness.

“At his worst, he would rarely leave his bedroom, let alone the house,” Fin’s parents shared. “It was tough seeing our son become so depressed and unable to engage in life. It took a toll on all of us.”

Despite seeking help from medical and educational professionals, Fin’s struggle persisted. That’s when a friend told his mother about the life-changing impact of surf therapy with The Wave Project.

“After hearing about surf therapy, we managed to secure Fin a placement. His first session, he was extremely anxious but was greeted by the friendliest, easy-going people that ‘just got it!'”

Photograph of a boy on a surfboard in the water.

There were no expectations, no pressure – just a chill, supportive environment, which was exactly what Fin needed. From that first session, he began to embrace the experience, growing more confident each time.

The Wave Project matched Fin with a surf mentor named Jake, and the two gelled instantly. “I can’t praise The Wave Project enough,” said Fin’s mother. “They absolutely went above and beyond, putting a smile back on my boy’s face. Seeing him laughing, high-fiving, and engaging with others is absolutely awesome!”

Fin’s mental health has improved massively through the healing power of the ocean and surf therapy. He even convinced his parents to buy him a surfboard and skateboard, which he now practices at home every day – a huge milestone!

The family has also booked a camping trip to Croyde for the summer so Fin can showcase his newfound surfing skills. As Fin put it, “Surf therapy is really fun. Jake is really easy to talk to!”

From rarely leaving his room to catching waves and reconnecting with life, Fin’s transformation thanks to The Wave Project is nothing short of remarkable.

If you’re inspired by his story, please consider donating to support their vital, life-changing work during Mental Health Awareness Week.