Funding for Surf Club


Thanks to funding from Cornwall Community Foundation the surf club in West Cornwall have been able to continue sessions into the chilly winter months.

In the deepest darkest winter we tend to take a break from the beach sessions as the cold weather and big storm swells can make the surf become a bit too dangerous and uncomfortable for our young people. This means it can be a long wait until the spring when we get back to the beach. This year, thanks to generous funding from Cornwall Community Foundation we have been able to continue our surf club throughout the winter season.

We have been able to book several sessions at the Flow Rider, which is an exciting wave machine where the young people can try their hands at a new water skill. Because of the expert instructors and of course our wonderful volunteers, we are still able to support all our surfers to get an exhilarating, challenging and fun water experience, in a safe, controlled environment.

Thanks to Cornwall Community Foundation we can keep our surf club active and engaged all year round, so friendships can flourish and our community can keep getting stronger.

Our first session was a blast! The surf clubbies were super brave and lasted a whole hour in the chilly temperatures, and the hot chocolate afterwards has never been so delicious!

We can’t wait for more winter sessions.