Iain Curtis’ Journey | Developing leadership skills

Case Study

Within the weeks of the course I had learned so much from the volunteers and instructors about surfing and myself, it massively boosted my confidence.

If I hadn’t joined Wave Project I wouldn’t have been as confident as a person and as happy as I am today.

I joined Surf Club in summer of the same year after I did the six week Surf Therapy course, and I got to meet loads of people because I went regularly and the people surfing changed each session so I made a few friends younger and older than me.


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I had a rough time during my early years of primary school because of undiagnosed  ADHD which lead to a lot of isolation. After diagnosis my ADHD nurse referred me to Wave Project and I started the Surf Therapy course in Spring 2019.  I had already had a limited amount of surfing experience beforehand with a summer club, but the Dunbar team helped me so much.

When I started Surf Therapy I was warmly welcomed into this group of really kind good people. They didn’t make me feel singled-out or uncomfortable. They really had a very good way of teaching and they helped both with surfing and having a chat with them, reducing that isolation.

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Towards the end of 2021 I started my DofE bronze award and I decided to do Wave Project as my Volunteering section. I had already had thoughts of becoming a volunteer to give some help back to Wave Project for the help and support they had given me. My coordinator was more than pleased with me volunteering and immediately allowed me to become a volunteer.  One of the instructors saw the change in me, and how that was helping the surfers to have someone closer to their own age as volunteers.

So nearly 3 years since I started Surf Therapy, I am loving volunteering for this charity which has given me so much, it is a privilege to give some of that back to the charity and the other surfers. I highly recommend this charity because they help so much and you can keep going back. And you don’t know where life will take you…