Isabella’s Blog – Volunteering – Duke of Edinburgh

Hi, my name is Isabella, and I am a volunteer for the Wave Project.

I first heard of the Wave Project through my brother who was supported by their surf
therapy sessions, and after seeing such a positive response from my brother and
seeing the community and inclusiveness that is the Wave Project, I knew I wanted to
become a volunteer. I was also at the time completing my Duke Of Edinburgh Award
which required me to do some volunteering so it was a perfect fit. I also found that
many charities and places require you to be over the age of 18 to help and volunteer,
but the minimum age at the Wave Project is 14. I was also impressed with how
smooth of a process it was to become a volunteer, I was able to attend some online
courses with other aspiring volunteers. During this it helped with health and safety,
and the basics of volunteering.

Once I had completed the course and was now able to volunteer, I began helping out
at surf therapy sessions in Sidmouth. Initially I was a bit nervous but this soon
passed, I was met with such a warm welcome and friendly faces from everyone. The
atmosphere in itself before we had even started the session was inviting and had a
real positive feel about itself, which just continued on for the whole of the 2 hour
session. It was one of the most rewarding experiences seeing the children
overcoming their fears and growing in confidence over the 6 week course. During
this time it was also great to speak to other volunteers and get to know new people,
of which I have made some fantastic new friends.

I love being a volunteer for the Wave Project and think that to anybody considering it
and may be a bit unsure about it, I promise you will not regret it, I have gained so
much from the opportunity and find that as I’ve watched the children grow in
confidence I too have gained confidence, but also communication skills and so much
more. Additionally, the Wave Project has sessions running all over the country which
means there will always be a place for you to help out, and with the ever increasing
demand for more sessions the need for volunteers will keep on increasing. It is also
great that the Wave Project supports the Duke Of Edinburgh Award and has helped
me and many other volunteers in regards to completing our volunteering sections.
I could not recommend the Wave Project more, it is such a rewarding experience
becoming a volunteer and allows you to meet such extraordinary people.

Thankyou Wave Project.

Sidmouth J