Oscar’s blog

Hi, I am Oscar and I am ten years old. I have Asperger’s and struggle with a lot.

I have done the Wave Project since September 2017. I do the Wave Project at Bigbury in South Devon with Carla and then Katie.

My instructors were Josh and Verity and they make me feel calm. I have fun with them. At first I was not good at surfing, but they helped me improve and now I can do a few tricks thanks to the help of the instructors.

One day someone from the BBC came and filmed me and Josh for Children in Need and I was on TV and the radio. My film helped other people find out about the Wave Project and how good surf therapy is. Me, Alex, Zac and Reuben – all from my surf therapy course – went to Exeter University to be on the live show of Children in Need.

So far, at the Wave Project I have made lots of new friends, including Alex, Reuben and Zac, and Oscar (another one, not me!). I have learnt to surf alongside them so I know them pretty well. We all can surf and have fun as a group. I hope there are way more friends I can meet at the Wave Project in my future surf club sessions.