Pegleg & John prepare to JOGLE-on!

Famous for surfing with one leg Pegleg has now taken on one of the most challenging endurance rides you can do for charity– from John O Groats to Lands End (AKA, the JOGLE).  Pegleg and best friend John will be heading to Scotland when the tourist season draws to a close at the end of September.

Naturally the 1,000 mile expedition will start with a surf in the Scottish ocean and maybe a wee dram to soak up some local culture.  The duo will then tackle 40-50 miles a day on their 1970”s original Italian quadricycle bike.  A piece of equipment that became part of the team following a spontaneous bid placed on ebay after last orders.

Pegleg is a huge fan of the Wave Project so has chosen to raise funds for our charity together with another cause close to his heart, Handstand – the Appeal for Marshall Janson. Pegleg explains his philosophy perfectly in these well chosen words:

Pegleg John