Plymouth University Physio’s 10k for The Wave Project

Plymouth Physios

The Physio Society created a team of running superstars, who will be ran the Plymouth 10k to raise money for the Wave Project.

The team made up of James Picton, Josie Hansford-Holt, Sarah Croager, Lizzy Rennie, Becca Skeats, James Hywel-Davies (who came 12th!!), Isabel Scarr and Mark Jones. Completed the gruelling 10k. Raising so far over £350 but hoping to reach there target of £500 goal.

Blisters and burning muscles are a fair compromise to raise money for a charity that they believe in. As student physiotherapists we understand how exercise/ sport can change lives and improve well-being.
We support the Wave Project’s use of surf therapy as a beneficial intervention for young people in the UK.

“As for our course/society, we are very new, a few of us started it up last year and we have now gotten used to running it. We chose the Wave Project as it fits with how we love to encourage activity for all ages, especially in kids, no matter what condition. It’s a huge part of our job. Furthermore we are aware you have some individuals with Cerebral Palsy and that is another area of our profession that we work with, so it really fits with everything we work towards.” said James Picton who as well as running for the Wave Project is hoping to get into the water in South Devon as a Surf Mentor.

Please support this amazing effort but making a donation on there Just Giving page.

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