Hot Surf 69 – Pro Leash


Delivery Information

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The Pro Hotsurf 69 Surfboard leash is constructed using only the highest quality materials so you get a super strong and durable leash. Best Value Leash on the market with all the top end features . Hot Surf 69 is a UK brand that is all about providing the highest level of products at incredible prices. 2% of the retail price also goes back to ensuring our beaches stay clean.
This product has been designed by surfers for surfers and tested in all conditions.
 -Shock Absorbing Stretch Urethane
-Reinforced & Padded Ankle Strap
-Quick Release Strap
-Double Brass Swivel
-Rail Saver
-6mm cord
-Key Pocket
-1ft – 8ft + wave height
Every HOT SURF 69 product with this 2% icon gives back!!  2% of the retail value at sale goes to BEACH CARE to help tackle the cleanup of beaches and to research new ways to prevent beach waste going to landfill.
By purchasing this item you are helping the Wave Project to continue to deliver its proven Surf Therapy programme to young people in need across the UK.