Croeso i Wave Project Cymru

Recently we have undergone a period of restructuring and we have needed to re-evaluate how we plan to run each project this coming year. Due to capacity in the Bristol and South Wales area, The Wave in Bristol will be our delivery site for the region’s 2022 season. We are still open for referrals to this location.

What does this mean?

  • This year, we won’t be running surf therapy courses or surf clubs at any beaches on the Welsh coast but instead focusing on delivery at the Wave Bristol in 2022.
  • Each existing beneficiary has been helped with their next move. For example, this could be an exit plan to another local surf club or to continue engaging with our surf club at The Wave.
  • We also worked to redirect any existing or potential referrals to the surf therapy courses at the Wave, Bristol.
  • We are aiming to deliver surf therapy in South Wales again, as soon as we can! We hope to continue and build on our existing partnerships with you, preparing for when we can offer surf therapy in the South Wales region.

This is not goodbye!

Needless to say, it hasn’t been an easy decision to shift the delivery focus this year and we hope it won’t be for long. We will be exploring all opportunities for the next stage and delivery opportunities in South Wales.

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