Ric at Jimmys Iced Coffee takes on the Bournemouth Marathon


Another amazing show of support from the legends at Jimmys Iced Coffee.

On October 8th 2018, the mighty Ric Exley will be taking on the gruelling 26 miles of coastline that is the Bournemouth Marathon, to raise money and awareness for the Wave Project.

Ric has been with Jimmys Iced Coffee for almost a year now and has always shown massive support in our project and we were blown away when he got in touch to tell us his plans. This man means serious business too and has been knocking out distances of up to 20 miles in preparation for the big day. POW

There’s a Just Giving page set up where you can follow his progress, make a donation and help spread the word of his mammoth show of awesomeness! Just click the button below.

Ric, you’re a legend and we love you…