Sarah shares the stoke in North Cornwall

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Sarah surfs through her holidays with us in North Cornwall…read about her experiences with the Wave Project!

“A few years ago I was on the beach in Polzeath, where there was a Wave Project session taking place. My mum is a Special Educational Needs teacher so she went over to talk to the lady and find out more about the charity and when she came back to tell me I thought it was amazing. I wasn’t old enough to volunteer that year, but a few years later when I was I decided I wanted to try and get involved.

Living in the Lake District I didn’t think it would be possible to just volunteer for a few sessions a year, but when I contacted the Wave Project they said it wasn’t an issue and gave me the details for the North Cornwall Co-ordinator, Svenya. I contacted her and she welcomed me into the Wave Project family and gave me the dates of the sessions I would be able to go to when I was on holiday – I was super excited!

That holiday I went to two surf clubs, and I have been to a couple this year too. Lots of people have asked me why I want to volunteer on holiday, but it is honestly the highlight every time and seeing the young people’s smiles makes it so worth it. I will never forget this year at one of the surf clubs in the summer holidays it started to hail on us and I asked the young person I was working with if he still enjoyed surfing in the rain – he looked at me like I was silly and said:

‘Of course I do, the Wave Project is the best thing ever!’

Sharing my love of the ocean always has me stoked, so being able to help other people experience it too is amazing and always leaves me with a massive smile on my face????.

Volunteering with the Wave Project is one of the best experiences I’ve ever had, and I would encourage anybody to do it, even if you’re not local and can only make a few sessions a year! You don’t even need to be able to surf – as long as you’re enthusiastic to get in the water and lend a friendly hand to the young people.”

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