Seb: A Surf Therapy Journey

Duna Films, in collaboration with The Wave Project, are excited to share Seb: A Surf Therapy Journey, a heartwarming short documentary about a charismatic 12-year-old with ADHD and autism who embarks on a six-week surf therapy course with The Wave Project.

We are delighted to bring you this film showcasing the transformative impact of surf therapy on young people’s lives. Watch Seb’s journey as he steps out of his comfort zone and onto a surfboard, accompanied by his devoted mother Naomi and a community of compassionate mentors from The Wave Project.

“Therapy works so well for him when it’s accessible,” says Seb’s mum Naomi. “When I see him just heading out there on his surfboard and just this little smile where you can see that he suddenly feels free, he’s not being judged and he’s not having to fit into any boxes, he’s just himself.”

Through stunning visuals and captivating storytelling, Seb: A Surf Therapy Journey delves into the world of neurodiversity, shedding a light on the unique challenges faced by individuals like Seb.

Seb’s journey is a testament to the therapeutic power of surfing,” says Matilda Thompson, Director at Duna Films. “We are incredibly proud to bring Seb’s story to the screen, with the aim to raise awareness, inspire, and spark conversations about the potential of surf therapy as a holistic approach to mental health. We hope that Seb’s story will resonate with audiences and encourage more people to engage with natural prescribing and, in particular, surf therapy.”

Surf therapy has been a game-changer for many children like Seb,says Tim Trythall, South West Team Lead and Bristol Project Coordinator at The Wave Project. “This film showcases the beneficial impact that surf therapy can have on young people struggling with their mental health. The water, our surf mentors and riding waves improves a young person’s wellbeing. Following Seb on his journey is the best way we can communicate our work and reach more families in the Bristol area.”

Following the screening at The Wave in Bristol, a Crowdfunding campaign is now running with the aim to raise £10,000 to help reach more young people through surf therapy programmes. Find out more here.