Severely disabled children enjoy the freedom of the waves at charity surf event in Watergate Bay

A 12-year old girl who was unable to use any of her four limbs or talk won an award for outstanding courage at a charity surf event in Watergate Bay, Cornwall, on Sunday.

Alex Cooper-Barns, from Eastleigh  in Hampshire, has Athetoid Quadriplegic Cerebral Palsy, was presented with the special award at the Summer Surf Challenge, a free surfing event for disabled people organised by The Wave Project.

Her mum Charlene Cooper said it was amazing to see as Alex has been experiencing a tough time in school.

She said: “It just makes the world of difference, she’s been quite sullen recently, but to see the smile on her face today, it’s just amazing.  She’s been having a tough time at school and surfing offers an emotional respite for her, the impact is huge.”

Sporting a huge smile, Alex was presented with a trophy for her award by Nick Robinson, an employee of MS-Amlin PLc, which sponsored the event.

Alex was one of 160 people with a range of disabilities that took part in the event at Watergate Bay, Cornwall, this weekend.

Alex Cooper Barns Award E

10-year old Dorothy Kenderdine, from Ivybridge in South Devon, was another child who overcame her fear of the water to catch her first wave.

Dorothy, who only has the use one arm, also won an award for her courage.

Dorothy Kenderdine Award

Mum Sue Kenderdine said: “She had the most amazing time surfing.  Her surf coach and the volunteers were so fantastic and understanding.  We can’t believe she was able to stand up on the board – her Cerebral Palsy affects her left arm and can really affect her balance so for her to be able to stand up while surfing was a huge achievement for her.”