Sign up for Surf Club!

The Wave Project Surf Club is up and running and we look forward to sharing many more smiles with you.

To help fund our surf club, we ask parents and carers to make a contribution towards our costs. This does not cover the full cost of delivery, which is around £20, but helps to support the clubs work.


The fee for surf club sessions is £10 per member, per session. This represents around half the cost of the session to us as a charity, with the rest being subsidised by donations.

However, we are aware that despite the subsidy, the fee is still too high for some families. The cost of living crisis we are all facing only makes this worse.

We are keen that our surf club is available to young people who need it, so we are inviting families to apply for a 50% discount on their surf club fee if they feel they need it.

Please see the attached document below to find out more about Surf Club and how to apply for a fee discount

The surf club is exclusively available to young people who have been referred to The Wave Project by a professional and who have completed a six week surf therapy course with us.  Click the ‘launch me’ button to sign up your child today.