Summer sun & Winter fun: Notes from Bali & Australia

This winter I trussed up my backpack and surfboards and set-out for the tropical shores of Bali in Indonesia in search of waves and adventure.  I love winter for all its twinkly snugness, dreamy winter surfs and then heating up with a hot chocolate by a fire, snowy trips and more, but setting off for the far side of the world for warm waves will always bean essential injection of summer vibes for me every year.


Surfing so much meant I spent a lot of time re-fueling and the food in Bali is so amazing!  Fresh, delicious and healthy.

FloraChristin E

Bali is breathtakingly beautiful, and thankfully the volcano wasn’t making too much of a racket.  I loved cruising around the paddy fields on my bike, heading to the surf.

JoSharpSophie E

There are so many beautiful local markets in Bali and I love cruising the stands looking for locally-made pieces and bargains.

AustraliaSophie E

The trip was incredible and one I will look back on with great memories for a very long time.

RoadTripBali E

This year I had a blast surfing some of my favourite boards, including a single fin longboard, and super fun twin fin from local Cornish shapers Watershed.

BaliSmoothieBowl E

I was also working on my trip, writing for women’s surf and adventure magazine Cooler.  I interviewed local Indonesian longboarder Flora Christin, who was super awesome.



I hung out with some of my friends who are based in Bali, following their dreams of working and surfing abroad.  Friend Jo Sharp has set up a cool spot for people like me who travel and work, the CoWork Space.

BaliMarket E

I spent a day out on dirt bikes exploring the beautiful Sunset Beach and jungle trails.  One for the memory bank!

SophieMtPamona E