The Benefits of Surfing…

Surfing is an amazing sport in that it is such a head to toe workout that also comes with brilliant psychological and emotional benefits.  Surfing involves swimming, balance, strength and an amazing connection to nature. Check out the run-down of the top benefits of surfing below:  (Like you need an extra reason to surf!).

  1. Aerobic conditioning of the heart and lungs. Surfing is great cardiovascular fitness!
  2. Strength and muscle tone: Surfing especially works and develops strength of the upper back, shoulders, legs and core
  3. Improved balance and agility
  4. Feeling happy! Studies show connecting to nature and being in the outdoors are linked to greater levels of happiness.
  5. The social benefits of surfing: surfing is a great sport to make friends and be absorbed into an incredibly positive community. You’ll find and make amazing friends, and be part of a really happy community.
  6. A feeling of self-worth and self-care: Being a part of a local surfing community, making friends and enjoying your own progress and fun in, and out of the water has great psychological and emotional benefits towards one’s own wellbeing.

Written by Sophie Everard


Sophie Everard is a writer, surfer and blogger passionate about spreading a positive message of empowerment and play.  A passionate surfer, PT, and lover of all that is adventure and the outdoors, Sophie is the founder of the Mad To Live Retreats, global surf & fitness retreats with a nucleus of empowerment through surf and adventure.  With a background in journalism and marketing, Sophie has freelanced for many leading titles including i-D, Cooler, Grazia and SurfGirl, is the author of a published book, formerly head of PR at Oakley,  and founded the Mad To Live Blog, a much-loved platform for all that is lifestyle, fitness and travel, and cutting-edge journalism.