The Harbertonford Hillbillies – Cycle Coast to Coast off-road!

Cycle Bantham

The Harbertonford Hillbillies (Gary, Wayne, Dave, Dan, and Rob) spent the weekend on their bikes, cycling over 100 miles from Croyde to Bantham. The most incredible part was that they did this epic journey off-road via the Moors on “Tracks, Trails and Lanes”.

On Saturday 13th April, the Hillbillies departed from Croyde (North Devon) at 08:30hrs. They cycled all day and made it to Moretonhampstead before dark, phew. Broken bodies and knackered, they headed off to bed ready to head to Bantham the following morning.

Gary wrote on his justgiving update, “Body feels totally knackered but beautiful scenery along the way! To be honest, tomorrow is going to be harder with more ups & downs across the moor. You donations matter & motivate! Thanks for donating so far, please spread the word and keep up your interest in the Wave Project!”

Another early start on Sunday meant a morning of gruelling ups and downs across Dartmoor. Gary continued, “The moor is thankfully just behind us! The undulating trek to Bantham awaits. We’re all hurting but it’s all worth it.

Gary Croyde
Gary Dartmoor

I knew this was going to be a tough challenge but I didn’t realise how gruelling Devon’s ascents actually are. A very fresh South Easterly wind tried to sort the wheat from the chaff but luckily the other Hillbillies (Wayne, Dave, Dan, and Rob) kept this old husk (me) going and we completed 100miles from Croyde to Bantham today. A big thank you from the HHs for donating to this very worthy cause.
In the spirit of looking after stragglers I’ll keep this page open a few more weeks ;-)”

We can’t thank the Hillbillies enough for their efforts and a massive shout out to the organiser Gary, who week in week out is in the water volunteering in South Devon.

To make a donation please head over to their just giving page and read more about the journey to the start of this epic weekend adventure.

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Gary Cycle