In Partnership with Saltrock, The Wave Project Talks to the UK!

In partnership with Saltrock, last spring we were excited to take the story of surf therapy to audiences around the UK!

Visiting 11 locations – each home to The Wave Project’s surf therapy programmes – our Founder and CEO Joe Taylor shared the inspiring stories of the life-changing impact on young people and their families. We were delighted to hear from some of the very people The Wave Project has helped over the years. Facing battles with mental health and triumphing over challenges, we shared stories of resilience, calm and the power of surf therapy from young people around the UK.

And our goal? To support 15,000 young people to improve their mental health through surf therapy by 2027.

Delving into the science behind our approach, Joe gave insight into our Theory of Change, the basis of our approach to use the medium of surfing, coupled with the outdoor environment and a culture of acceptance to increase confidence, improve self esteem and boost resilience.

Thank you to Andrew Cotton and Andrei Burton for supporting our Braunton event. And a big thank you to Saltrock for your continued support.

Watch the full video from the talks over on our YouTube channel.