Improving mental health and wellbeing

According to the NHS, one in six young people are experiencing a diagnosable mental health issue.

We’re on a mission to change that.

Our approach is to intervene early, treat young people with respect and focus on a learning activity that they can relate to – surfing.

Our Surf Therapy programme is a three step intervention:

Step 1 – Six week surf therapy course

Step 2 – Surf Club

Step 3 – Progressing to volunteer

Six week surf therapy course

When young people are referred to us, they are usually quite anxious. Our six week introduction to surfing helps them to overcome their worries about the water and feel more confident about taking on different challenges.

As well as learning to surf, participants are also supported by their own personal surf mentor, who encourages them in their surfing journey and helps build their confidence and resilience in the waves.

We also allow each surfer to work at their own pace and set their own challenges each week with a little encouragement from the group. By week six our young surfers are often much more confident and ready to take on other challenges in their lives.