Winning Weekends with The Wave Project- Emma’s Volunteer Review


Whilst studying for my MSc in Sustainability I wanted to get involved with different volunteer projects. A lot of my time is spent studying alone in my own company, which at times becomes quite isolating. However, the weekends are something I look forward too!

I attended a Wave Project training session and couldn’t wait to get started! I’ve now volunteered at both South Devon locations Goodrington and Bigbury, which is a great mixture of activities. On my first session I was partnered up with an experienced volunteer and it was great fun!


I’m not great at surfing and felt a bit insecure at first, but everyone is so lovely and supportive. At the end of the day it’s not about ability it’s about taking part and being encouraging towards others. I’ve met some great kids and volunteers from different backgrounds and that’s the beauty of volunteering!

My ultimate highlights so far have been:

  • Watching kids dance of happiness and the pure joy on their faces whilst catching a wave (flossing whilst surfing! Yep you read right…Insane!)
  • Witnessing the kids progress and overcome their initial fears….great to be apart of their journey!
  • Getting thanks and even a hug of appreciation from the kids after a session
  • Spending my weekends at the beach…Bliss!
  • The buzz I get after a session…Its hard not to smile:)

I’m excited to continue volunteering with The Wave Project and get involved with lots of different aspects such as; fundraising, office duties and events.

Kitty II
Surf Chicas